3 Bedroom

Dream Home

Our garden residentials offer less time delivery and built, making it suitable for individuals or families looking for a first home. We designed these homes to make every room connected within the space and through outdoors, allowing families to live in a modern open plan.

Eco Living

All of our residential garden rooms are designed with eco-living in mind. It offers truly unique ultra-low energy construction and requires minimum energy to stay warm in the winter. and minimum energy to stay cool in the summer. a Truly eco-living building in front of your eyes.

Modern Designs

Our garden residentials was designed to be a modern space using only the solid timber structure, with an option to apply all kinds of modern external finishes ranging from cladding, throught steel to an acrylic render with no maintenance required. We offer standard double glazed windows and doors, with an option to offer a custom package to meet your end goals.

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